Price List

This list is current for 2020-21 and we reserve the right to change it at any time.

The prices listed are for guidance only and reflect the cost of the most basic instruments in each category. The cost will increase depending on the specific model of instrument and any extra decorative features requested.

Renaissance & Baroque Lutes:

  • 6 course lutes from 2200
  • 7/8 course lutes from 2400
  • 9/10 course lutes from 2800
  • 11crs lutes from 3100
  • 12crs lutes from 3750
  • 13crs bass rider lutes from 3500
  • 13crs swan neck lutes from 3900


  • French theorbos from 3700
  • Chitarrones from 4100


  • Mandolini from 2100

Guitars and Vihuelas:

  • Baroque guitars from 2400
  • Vihuelas from 2150

Cases are not included in these prices and can be ordered separately.

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For details of the specific instrument models offered under each category please go to the catalogue.